Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Going to delete this blog!

Hey Darlings!

Yeah, that doesn't sounds good right? But if one door closes, another will open!
I have a new blog and I would be so happy if all of you would follow my new blog now!
Just check it out:
Yes, I have a new name. You can check out the reasons on the blog in my first post:

Last words:

I just wanted to thank all of you for following this blog and all the sweet comments you wrote me. It always made me so happy and I hope I'll get so many nice comments on my new blog too.
I hope my new blog will be a successfull as this blog or even more. That would be great.
But the most important thing is that you and all my new followers enjoy my new blog, so let me know what you think about it.

Love you all and hope to stay in contact with you xx

Btw, does anybody know why all the photos here are already deleted? Or am I the only one who can't see them anymore?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry magical Christmas!

All right. First: I had a lot to do lately, cause I'm now on a new school. A boarding school. I wasn't allowed to tkae my laptop with, so I couldn't upload anything. I had to manage a lot of things, like, find new friends, learn to live there...and it's really hard, because, I'm a city girl,  live in Frankfurt (the best city of the world) and this boarding school is in the middle of nowhere! But now I'm back home for holidays (3 weeks) and I've got time for you again. I'm also allowed to take my laptop to the boarding school after holidays, so I'm back  on blogger again ♥
I hope you all had a beautiful christmas time and you got all the presents you've wanted! xx

Sunday, October 20, 2013

transparent times

                             shirt-Zara, trousers-H&M, shoes-H&M, backpack-pieces

At first I wanted to apologise for being absent for such a long time, I know I just said I wanted to blog at least once a week, but sometimes this just doesn't work and believe me, I'm the one who's saddest about that.
Well, these photos were taken 3 weeks ago and it was definitely the last day of the year to go out without a jacket. More winterly post are surely coming soon.
But before winter completely arraivs I decided to upload photos of my summer holidays. I know I wanted to upload them already for month but I still haven't finished editing all of them. So I decided to upload every weekend some of them untill I have finished editing them, for the next few weeks. I know I let all of you wait for to long for the photos and I'm really sorry, but finally, I'll start uploading them next weekend!
Have a wondeful week, sweethearts! xx

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

instagram september

Dessert of my favorite chinease reastaurant.
Lychee, green tea and black seasam ice cream.
 Me eating the super delicious Veggie Burger at McDonalds.
 My favorite breakfast.
 Workout at home (video).
 I love my new kittycat phonecase and the mirrorgram app.
 Shopping at Ikea.
 Healthy breakfast.
 My pinkpussyumbrella is amazing.
 I hate rainy days and I already miss summer.
 Nothing else to say.
 Very delicious Red Bull ice cream.
 Just live it.
 Watching the Simspsons with my Dr. Martens on.
 Kiss of death.
 Met some new friends while the shooting.
 Head in space dancing on earth shoot.
 Watching the James Franco roast with my Boos.
 James Franco roast video.
 At the barber.
 Birthday dinner.
 Sweet 16
 Sweet 16

 Couldn't wait to try my birthday cake.

 Thank you for that Primark!

Just got 100 followers on instagram. Would be glad if you'd follow me too.