Thursday, November 29, 2012


Bingen am Rhein

beautiful sunset

my lovely mommy when she was 16



Berlin flowers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


jacket-second hand 10 euros
boo tee-Urban Outfitters 18 euros/reduced
earring-H&M 2.95 euros

Oh guys, I made so many big deals this week! I bought some shirts for 3 euros, shoes for 10 euros, this great, squared jacket for 10 euros and this cute boo tee for 18 euros instead of 36 euros.I was so happy, I wish the stores would always reduce their stuff.
I already tried to post this week but I never liked the pictures I took.I hate my camera!It is a old one.I hope I'm going to have enough money to buy me a new one soon.Do you have any examples of cameras which take good pictures?  xx

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

gold & fur

                                                      hat-H&M 4.95
                                                      scarf-H&M 9.95
                                                      fur vest-tally weijl 39.95
                                                      sweater-H&M 19.95
                                                      ring-H&M 4.95
                                                      bag-Primark 3.00
                                                      shoes-a shop at the B-Ebene/Frankfurt Hauptwache 39.95
                                                                I forgot the name, sorry

A not so special outfit, but I love to wear it on a walk and it's not so expensive. I love to take long walks and think about all that crazy shit which happens in life.It  helps to manage everything!
I'm going to dye my hair now, blond caramel dore´.I hope it will look pretty.Oh, guys I wish I had long hair and blue dip dye, but we can't get everything. One day everything will be possible, haha!
Wish you all a nice wednesday, xx

Thursday, November 1, 2012

new stuff

earrings-H&M ca. 3 euros , ring-H&M ca. 6 euros , necklace-New Yorker ca. 3 euros/reduced , mobile suit-Bijou Brigitte ca. 5 euros , sweater black&white-Louisen Center/Bad Homburg ca. 9 euros/reduced , tank top-H&M ca. 10 euros , blouse-New Yorker ca. 17 euros , sweater beige-H&M ca.20 euros , cap leo look-Loop 5/Darmstadt , fur vest-Tally Weijl ca. 20 euros/reduced , cap red-H&M ca. 5 euros , bag-Louisen Center/Bad Homburg ca. 30 euros

Keye Katcher - Voice of Germany

I absolutly LOVE KEYE KATCHER! He is my favorirte VOICE OF GERMANY contestant. He's just 21, his voice is great and his style is amazing. It is fascinating that he lives his life just the way he wants. He doesn't care about other people opinion. It is so admirable. I can't find  the matching words to discribe this guy. I think everybody should live his way of life.
He is my idol!