Wednesday, November 14, 2012

gold & fur

                                                      hat-H&M 4.95
                                                      scarf-H&M 9.95
                                                      fur vest-tally weijl 39.95
                                                      sweater-H&M 19.95
                                                      ring-H&M 4.95
                                                      bag-Primark 3.00
                                                      shoes-a shop at the B-Ebene/Frankfurt Hauptwache 39.95
                                                                I forgot the name, sorry

A not so special outfit, but I love to wear it on a walk and it's not so expensive. I love to take long walks and think about all that crazy shit which happens in life.It  helps to manage everything!
I'm going to dye my hair now, blond caramel dore´.I hope it will look pretty.Oh, guys I wish I had long hair and blue dip dye, but we can't get everything. One day everything will be possible, haha!
Wish you all a nice wednesday, xx


  1. I love that ring.

  2. This outfit is amazing,
    love the lighting, the outfit, accessories!!
    Just love it all


  3. wow you have such cool unique style! like it a lot

    tnx so much for stoppin by at my spot and your nice comment, really hope we'll stay in touch! =)

  4. DAS Outfit gefällt mir wirklich sehr, viel Erfolg :)


Thank you for all the sweet commnets! much love! xx