Monday, January 28, 2013

best nail polish

    Urban Outfitters-8 euros

This is an amazing eyecatcher.Really! Everbody who saw me with this nail polish always asked me: "Where is it from?" and told me that it looks great. I just love the colour. I really recommend it!
Have a nice evening, sweethearts xx

Saturday, January 26, 2013

to do list 2013

I made a plan for 2013 to  finally visit Berlin. I'm 15 years right now and I've never been in the capital city of my country in my entire life! This is crazy and I definitely have to change this! I don't know the date I'm going there yet, but I'm already really excited. When I'm going there I necessarily want to visit THE SHIT SHOP of Bonnie Strange! Since I found out that the shop exists, I wanted to visit it so bad. I'm sure I'm going to buy something adorable and stunning at The Shit Shop.

I also want to get my summer body back! In the last 6 months I increased more then 6kg and I want to lose it now. As well I want to do more sports, really I have to do more sports and I have to eat more healty food like more fruits! Of  course I also want to get tanned for my perfect summer body. I HATE WINTER! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I want summer, now! I am sad and depressed the whole winter. California guys, watch out , I'm goning to come to you when I'm 18, to spent the rest of my life in sunny Califorina! So, see you soon! xx

I wish I had f ****** long hair! My hair is broken, because I dyed my hair to many times and I staighted it every day with my lovely straightener, but one day I woke up and I had broken, short hair. Since a few months I didn't use my straightener anymore, but it seems like my hair didn't grew 1 cm! I'm planning to have longer hair in summer.

I think about to get a nasal septum. It looks so beautiful, but I don't know if  I really confident to get it.

At last I want to get gel nails again. I already had some but then they broke and I didn't find the time to get new ones. Hope I get them soon.

That's all folks. I wish you a nice weekend! Do you have things you want to do in 2013? Tell me! Leave a comment, sweethearts, xoxo

Friday, January 25, 2013

new accessories

   Vero Moda-12,95 euros


    Nanu Nana-2,95 euros

    Primark-3,50 euros

    Primark-each 2 euros

    nacklace-2 euros, earrings-1.50 euros

    Primark-4 euros

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nikon D3200

(Of course this photos are not taken with the new camera)

I'm so happy sweethearts! I finally got my new camera. First I wanted to buy the Canon eos 600d but the seller told me that Nikon is much better. So I believed him. I hope this was the right decision. The Nikon was anyway cheeper and I saved 50 euros, so whatever. I know bargains, bargains, bargains but hey, who don't love saving some money? Love you, guys   xx

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

january blues

coat-H&M 50 euros , shirt-Urban Outfitters 12 euros/reduced , shorts-H&M 10 euros/ reduced ,
 shoes-H&M 5 euros/ reduced

Sunday, January 20, 2013


    Urban Outfitters-5 euros

    H&M-5 euros

    Urban Outfitters-6 euros

    Urban Outfitters-12 euros

   Urban Outfitters-16 euros

    H&M-5 euros

    H&M-1 euro

   I'm still so in love with the sale! It's amazing, I bought all this stuff so cheap and I saved 75%. I'm          definitely the Shopping Queen now. Hope you get such good special offers like I got, honeys! kisses

Friday, January 18, 2013


    Bijou Brigitte-3 euros

    Urban Outfitters-5 euros

    New Yorker-1 euro

    black, 8 mm-5 euros, white, 10mm-5euros

    Zara-ca. 70 euros

    Urban Outfitters-12 euros

    Zara-10 euros

   skirt,Urban Otfitters-12 euros

    claire's-ca. 15 euros

    Urban Outfitters-3 euros

    Urban Outfitters-8 euros

I am back! can upload pictures again!! I'm so happy! I missed posting so much! I promise I'll never take such a long break of uploading photos!
So...just some pictures of the stuff I bought in the last weeks. They were all reduced (exept the piercings) so I just wrote the reduced price. Hope you enjoy, honeys!  xoxo