Saturday, January 26, 2013

to do list 2013

I made a plan for 2013 to  finally visit Berlin. I'm 15 years right now and I've never been in the capital city of my country in my entire life! This is crazy and I definitely have to change this! I don't know the date I'm going there yet, but I'm already really excited. When I'm going there I necessarily want to visit THE SHIT SHOP of Bonnie Strange! Since I found out that the shop exists, I wanted to visit it so bad. I'm sure I'm going to buy something adorable and stunning at The Shit Shop.

I also want to get my summer body back! In the last 6 months I increased more then 6kg and I want to lose it now. As well I want to do more sports, really I have to do more sports and I have to eat more healty food like more fruits! Of  course I also want to get tanned for my perfect summer body. I HATE WINTER! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I want summer, now! I am sad and depressed the whole winter. California guys, watch out , I'm goning to come to you when I'm 18, to spent the rest of my life in sunny Califorina! So, see you soon! xx

I wish I had f ****** long hair! My hair is broken, because I dyed my hair to many times and I staighted it every day with my lovely straightener, but one day I woke up and I had broken, short hair. Since a few months I didn't use my straightener anymore, but it seems like my hair didn't grew 1 cm! I'm planning to have longer hair in summer.

I think about to get a nasal septum. It looks so beautiful, but I don't know if  I really confident to get it.

At last I want to get gel nails again. I already had some but then they broke and I didn't find the time to get new ones. Hope I get them soon.

That's all folks. I wish you a nice weekend! Do you have things you want to do in 2013? Tell me! Leave a comment, sweethearts, xoxo


  1. Good luck with everything You want to accomplish dear! I would like to visit Berlin definitely and travel more! Fingers crossed for that one xxx

  2. I'd love to do all these things too! I'd love to follow each other X
    Following now

  3. thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now!

  4. Hi, Kim!I hope all your plans for this year come true. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.Kisses:)

  5. I want to go to berlin sooo bad! It must be so wonderful there! let me know how it was :D
    very excited to see the pictures!!

  6. hi dear. i love your blog, inspiring :)
    i'm from Indonesia.
    please,follow me back if u don't mind, thank you

  7. Nice! Can we follow each other? Write me on my blog or follow me and i follow you:)

    Vik Ladyla

  8. Really nice blog :*, I have to admit that I have really simillar wishlist as you ;D...
    xoxo :*

  9. love your blog! So many lovely ideas in just this one post! I really want to try that wavy hair trick with the straightener but I have short hair too! Hopefully it will grow before summer!


  10. vielen dank, kann ich nur zurückgeben :)
    natürlich, sehr gerne. ich folg dir, jetzt bist du dran :)

    alles liebe

  11. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog- this post is great. I've been thinking about getting NY septum pierced too but I already have my nose and contestant it to look too busy. I want to visit New York again this year and thanks to you I want to go to Berlin as well :)

  12. love the piercing things, i got one at eyebrow before but i take off already
    if you really like it i think maybe can give a try :)

  13. The septum piercing is one of our things to do in this year as well!! And I´m already starting with my summer body...Hate winter!
    We ike your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let us know!

  14. So crazy to be thinking of Summer. I am still so cold!

  15. Great selection , I really want to make some sport and be ready for this summer, i love her long hair and body !

    xx ifoundmysoulmate


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