Saturday, July 27, 2013


Worst thing that can happen before my trip to Berlin: I lost my SD memory card! I was looking for it everywhere, in the entire appartment. That means that I can't take pictures! When I arrive in Berlin the first thing I'll do is looking for a shop to buy a new one, so I can take beautiful pictures which I can show you here.
But this wasn't the only bad thing that happend today! I found out that Bonnie Strange is selling her old clothes at the Shit Shop and I'm not there! She's selling everything from only 1 Euro to 25 Euros! 2 days later and I could have been there! Well, I hope there'll some of her stuff still be available on Wednesday ( the day I planned to go there), but I doubt it.
Because of loosing the SD card I coudn't take any pictures for you today. So I have to break my promise that I'd upload a new post everyday untill tomorrow. I am so sorry! But as compensation I'll have a Photo Bomb for you when I come back from Berlin and Holland in 2 weeks ( as long as I get a new SD card)!
Dolls, wish me good 2 weeks on holidays! I also wish you 2 wonderful weeks, wherever you are and whatever you do! Love ya! xx


  1. Ou nou :( I really hope you will found it

  2. Have lots of fun in Berlin,
    that won't be a problem I guess ;p

    Love, Liese

  3. Have an amazing time!! Really hope you find it!

  4. aww im so sorry to hear that u lost ur SD, but tmr is a new day :) Good luck dear <3

  5. sucks about the memory card :( but have fun on vacation!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  6. How inconvenient about your SD card... Hope you are able to take pictures soon.

  7. Aww I totally feel your pain. I lost my camera on a trip.. TWICE. Have fun on your holidays!!



Thank you for all the sweet commnets! much love! xx